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Tammy Kremer

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Tammy Kremer is an artist, educator, and activist. Her current projects include theatre education, program management, videography, and directing a web-series. She has worked on Palestine solidarity through a variety of film and theatre projects. Her MA is in Arts and Peacebuilding (NYU Gallatin) and BA is in Gender and Dance (University of California, Berkeley).

Adam Golub


Adam Golub is the founder and artistic director of Megamot Media. He is a journalist and documentary filmmaker with a passion for the unusual and the underrepresented. He graduated from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, was a post-graduate researcher at the Brown Institute for Research Innovation and a fellow of the UnionDocs Collaborative Laboratory program.

Original Music provided by mia susan amir.

Cover Image by Ethan Heitner of freedomfunnies.tumblr.com.