About Love Letter to Zionists

Love Letters to Zionists is an audio collage and radio documentary centered around love letters from Jewish anti-Zionists to a beloved Zionist in their life. Driven by first-person narration, interviews and historically relevant archival material, the piece is intended for the American community at large. In an atmosphere of communal censorship and alienation, Jewish Israeli-Americans Tammy Kremer (Director/Producer) and Adam Golub (Editor/Producer), both Zionists turned anti-Zionists, have teamed up to create a piece to lovingly express their dissent to their Zionist love ones. Five curated letters written and recorded by other anti-Zionists in their own voices buttress the narrative arch.

The documentary materials provide context that engages Americans in rethinking Zionism from a place of love rather than antagonism. Historical and present day news reports, speeches, and interviews with experts frame the personal content. Israel as a nation state is divorced from Judaism as a whole, providing an entry point for addressing abuses of Palestinian human rights without risking anti-Semitism. The piece seeks to support work for justice in Palestine/Israel by providing community and voice–and for Jewish anti-Zionists alienated from their loved ones by their politics–an opportunity to heal and harness energy for effective activism. The piece resonates with other political contexts in which a rigid status quo enforced interpersonally intimidates potential opposition.

Like the intimate personal material and the controversial subject, the style of the piece flows between vulnerable appeals and bold assertions of rarely heard histories.

Our goal is to broadcast Love Letters to Zionists on popular radio shows and podcasts, and to produce educational events geared towards Jewish communities in particular as well as broader American audiences.